Benefits of using an electric vehicle for rideshare drivers

At Bluwalk, we believe in empowering all our users with the latest innovations in sustainable transportation. By choosing an electric vehicle, you can enjoy numerous benefits that improve your earnings while contributing to a more sustainable activity.


Here are the key advantages of using an electric vehicle:

1. Reduced Operating Costs:

  • Fuel Savings:  With an electric vehicle, say goodbye to high fuel costs. Electric vehicles run on battery-powered electricity, which you can charge at home using a wallbox or at public charging stations (currently +5000 in Portugal), which are generally more economical than fossil fuel.
  • Maintenance Savings: Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance compared to internal combustion vehicles. This means fewer expenses in repair service and greater long-term savings.

2. Access to New Vehicles and Discounts:

  • Fleet Card Partnership: Through our partnership with Prio Electric and miio, we offer a prepayment-free charging card. If you are a rideshare driver with us, request yours here and enjoy exclusive discounts and easy access to charging stations nationwide.
  • Available TVDE Electric Vehicles: With us, you can book a high-quality electric vehicle with various mileage packages, including unlimited mileage. Experience the latest models equipped with advanced features and long-range capability. Make your reservation here

3. Access to Uber Green:

  • Increased Earnings: As a rideshare driver with an electric vehicle, you can activate Uber Green, a service that connects environmentally conscious passengers with electric and hybrid vehicles. This can expand your customer base and lead to more frequent and higher-rated trips.
  • Reduced Service Fees: Uber Green offers reduced service fees for drivers with electric vehicles, allowing you to maximize your earnings. Learn more here.

4. Enhanced Driving Experience:

  • Smooth and Silent Ride: Electric vehicles offer a smooth and vibration-free driving experience, providing a comfortable journey for your passengers and improving your rating on rideshare platforms.
  • Regenerative Braking: An exclusive feature of electric cars is the regenerative braking system, which converts kinetic energy into electricity, helping to extend the battery's range (at least +6%) while reducing brake wear.

5. Environmental Impact:

  • Zero Emissions: Electric vehicles do not emit polluting gases, helping to reduce air pollution and combat climate change. By driving an electric vehicle, you are becoming an agent of change in creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.
  • Sustainable Reputation: As a rideshare driver with an electric vehicle, you are also responding to the growing need for sustainable transportation, which attracts environmentally conscious passengers who value eco-friendly options.

Make the transition to electric and revolutionize your experience as a driver. Join Bluwalk today and start enjoying the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.


For more information or to rent an electric vehicle, visit or contact our support team at +1 (+351) 300 600 278 (available Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm).