How to Fill Out the Friendly Automobile Accident Declaration (DAAA)

The friendly declaration, also known as DAAA, is an important document that allows drivers involved in a road accident to describe in detail how the incident occurred and the damages suffered. It is from this declaration that insurance companies determine the liability for the accident.


To correctly fill out the friendly declaration, follow these steps (refer to the image at the end of the article):


Accident Details:

- Fill out the numbered fields from 1 to 5:

1. Indicate the date and time of the accident.

2. Describe the accident location, including the country and exact location. If the accident occurred at an intersection, mention the names of the two streets involved.

3. Record any injuries, even minor scratches.

4. Report any material damages that are not related to the involved vehicles, such as damages to parked vehicles, public roads, or objects inside the vehicle that were affected by the accident.

5. If there are witnesses, provide their information.


Vehicle Information:

- The friendly declaration consists of two different-colored sections labeled "Vehicle A" and "Vehicle B." Fill in the corresponding information for each vehicle.


6. Provide the insurer's information, and remember that the policyholder may not be the driver.

7. Fill in the vehicle details.

8. Provide the insurer's information, which can be found on the insurance certificate (also known as the green card). It is important to fill in the insurer's name and policy number.

9. Provide the driver's information.

10. Mark with an arrow the point of impact, indicating the part of the vehicle where the initial contact occurred.

11. Record all visible damages observed on the vehicle after the accident.



- This is the central column of the friendly declaration document and is essential for insurance companies to understand what really happened. Again, there is a division of information for Vehicle A and Vehicle B. Each driver should fill out the part that relates to their own vehicle. In the end, both parties involved should count the number of squares marked earlier.


Accident Sketch:

- In this blank space, create a simple but understandable sketch illustrating how the accident occurred. Leave additional space in case it is necessary to add text for better understanding.



- Both drivers can add relevant observations if necessary.



- The friendly declaration is only valid when signed by both parties involved.


By following these guidelines and correctly filling out the friendly declaration, you will contribute to a more efficient process in settling claims.


Remember that safety is always a priority. In case of accidents with serious injuries, immediately dial the emergency number 112.






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