Learn more about TVDE Company at Bluwalk

At Bluwalk, we offer a hassle-free solution in our fleet to manage your drivers and vehicles. We provide all the tools and support necessary to optimize your company's earnings. Here are all the benefits we offer:


1. Add Unlimited Vehicles to Your Company Account:
Regardless of whether they are diesel or electric vehicles, owned or authorized, you can add them to your company account at Bluwalk. See the available vehicles here.


2. Add Unlimited Drivers and Manage Autonomously:
With our fleet management service, you can add unlimited drivers to your team:

    • Maintain full control over driver management.
    • Add new drivers without any complications.
    • Review their performance every week.

3. Highly Competitive Services:
At Bluwalk, we offer a variety of highly competitive services for ridesharing companies in our fleet. This includes insurance options, fuel or electricity supply, and ongoing training. Additionally, we offer fleet cards with exclusive limits and discounts on fuel (17 cents/liter) and electricity (1 cent/kWh) to maximize the profitability of your vehicles.


4. Specialized Support and Proven Experience:
By choosing our ridesharing company account service, you'll have access to a specialized and experienced team. We have been operating since 2015 and are available seven days a week to provide the necessary support. We are committed to helping your company achieve success and resolving any challenges that may arise in managing your vehicle fleet.


5. Reduction of Associated Bureaucracy:
Bluwalk aims to simplify the management of your vehicles. You can reduce associated bureaucracy by working with us, such as registrations on multiple platforms and accounting and administrative tasks. This allows you to focus on growing your business while we handle the operational tasks.


6. Access to Additional Platforms and Complementary Activities:
In addition to managing your ridesharing company account, we offer access to other opportunities to supplement your company's earnings. This includes delivery services for meals, orders, or grocery shopping. Diversify the income sources for your drivers and take advantage of new business opportunities.


With our company account solution, you can bring your drivers and vehicles to Bluwalk and enjoy efficient and personalized management of both. Register now!


Wherever you go, we'll be with you:

Through our help center, in the support area, or by phone (+351 300 600 278, available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm). See you soon!"