Tips for saving money when charging your electric car


Some tips for saving money on your charges:

  1. Use the Miio app to find the cheapest charging stations and find out how long it will take to charge. If you don't already use the app, request access to the app here and take advantage of the 1 cent/kWh discount. The app is free!
  2. Choose supermarket charging stations (e.g. Continente) rather than gas stations, which are usually more expensive.
  3. Plan your breaks taking into account the charges you will have to make, so as not to waste working time on charging. For example, you could choose to have lunch, a snack, or dinner near a charging station that you know is cheap, so you can charge your car while you take a break.
  4. Avoid discharging your car battery below 20% and avoid charging above 80%. Why? Because when you charge your car, in addition to the energy you're consuming, you're also paying for the charging time and the charging time between 0% and 20%, and between 80% and 100% is much longer than the time between 20% and 80%.


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