Understanding the 6% VAT on TVDE Travel with Bluwalk

Bluwalk clarifies the 6% VAT applied to its trips to ensure transparency and understanding for drivers.

In this article, we will detail how VAT is calculated and explain why we do not issue separate invoices for vehicle and fuel costs.


1. How VAT is Calculated:

VAT is calculated on the gross value of the trip, that is, the amount paid by the passenger to the platform. Bluwalk issues an invoice to the customer for the total amount of the trip and this amount is reported and passed on to AT monthly by the companies. For example:
  • Trip Price: €10
  • VAT for the State: €0.60 (6%)
  • Net Value: €7.50 (excluding the application fee).

The amount that Uber and Bolt pay to Bluwalk is already withheld from the platform's commission. This value includes the entire 6% VAT charged on the total value of the trip, which represents 75% of the value that the TVDE operator invoiced to the passenger. 

Therefore, the 6% can never be calculated on the net value (Value visible on the driver's app), which the platform pays to the operator, in this case to Bluwalk.

2. Why Bluwalk does not issue invoices for Vehicle and Fuel:

  • Issuing an invoice for vehicle and fuel would require the customer to provide an invoice or green receipt to Bluwalk for their total net income.
  • This process would not be beneficial for the customer, as it would declare an amount that they did not actually receive.

Practical example:

  1. Net Result: €1000
  2. Total Deductions: €400
  3. Amount Receivable: €600

  • To obtain an invoice for the deductions (2), the customer would have to issue an invoice to Bluwalk for the net total (1) of €1000. The profit would be €600 (3).

  • Disadvantage: This would result in the declaration of greater revenue than received, generating more bureaucracy for the client.

We hope these explanations clarify how VAT is applied to TVDE trips, ensuring a complete and transparent understanding for our valued users.