What are the advantages of having a TVDE insurance through Bluwalk?

In this article, you will find all the information about insurance and the advantages of arranging your insurance through our mediator.

MDS: Ensuring Safety and Convenience in Insurance

MDS stands out as a global reference in insurance brokerage and risk management, offering customized solutions to ensure tranquility and security for its clients. With a solid international presence, we stand out for our expertise and commitment to innovation and excellence in service.


  • Document Simplification: You don't need to worry about paperwork; we take care of everything, from receiving documents from the insurer to submitting them on the platforms. This includes the green card, receipt, and specific conditions, freeing you from worries and bureaucracy.
  • Exceptional Market Conditions: Thanks to our partnership with MDS, we can offer the best market options. Before submitting the proposal, we conduct a market analysis to ensure the best offer.
  • Ease in Insurance Changes.
  • Claims Resolution Support Line: Contact us at mds24auto@mdsgroup.com or by phone at: 220102299.

Required Documents:

  • National Vehicles: DUA (Vehicle Title Document) or provisional guide with the declaration of characteristics. International Vehicles: Customs declaration.
Insurance Options:
  • Third Party: Coverage for damages caused to third parties in case of own-fault accidents.
  • Comprehensive: Coverage for damages to third parties and damages to your vehicle in own-fault accidents. Repair of damages to your vehicle and third parties.

Fractionation Options:

  • Monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually.

Request your insurance now:

  • Contact us through the hotline 300 600 278 or through this LINK.


Renewals are done automatically. The insurer sends a payment notice 30–40 days in advance. After payment, we receive the documentation, update the platforms, and send you a copy, making the process simpler and more practical.

If you wish to make changes to the insurance policy in terms of protections, insurer, or payment method, contact us to request the change.