How to issue my Invoice/Receipt?

If you are an individual worker or an Entrepreneur in Individual name (ENI), you will need to issue an invoice-receipt.

If you are working through a company, that company must issue an invoice.

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The Invoice/Receipt must be issued subject to the following requirements:

1 - Date of provision of services - It must be the same date as the day on which the green receipt is issued, as in the example:


2 - Description - Add the description presented on our website, in the Earnings option, as shown in the example:


3 - VAT Regime - Confirm with Finance whether or not you are subject to VAT. 

If you are not in the exemption regime, you must choose the option: Continente - 23%[taxa normal atual].

4 - IRS withholding - Only applies to receipt-invoices. You can choose whether or not to withhold at source (if you are not exempt), but you should check your situation at a tax office.

5 - Stamp tax - The value entered must always be equal to 0, as in the example:


6 - Base value - Amount must be equal to or less than the value available in the Earnings option.

7 - Bluwalk information - It must contain Bluwalk's TIN and address (see the example in point 1).

8 - Importância recebida a título de - Select the "pagamento dos bens ou dos serviços" option.

9 - Invoice/Receipt Format - You must download the file in PDF format (if you are issuing a receipt invoice on the Finance Portal, you must select the "economical print" option).

10 - Insert Invoice/Receipt - On the Bluwalk website, access the Earnings option, click on Await invoice and attach the respective document.

11 - Payment- After submission of the Invoice, validation and payment are processed within 48 business


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