Drivfit Partnership: Specialized Rent-a-Car for TVDE Drivers

With our partnership with Drivfit, we offer a vehicle reservation option designed specifically for TVDE drivers. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

Key Drivfit Advantages:

1. Zero Commitment

Through Drivfit, TVDE drivers with Bluwalk have complete flexibility to use a vehicle for 10 days and extend it for another 100 days. This allows greater control over costs and plans, ensuring a convenient and cost-effective experience without unwanted long-term commitments.

2. No Credit Check

To provide freedom for all drivers to book a vehicle, we do not perform a credit check at the time of reservation. We only charge a deposit; €300 for monthly payments to the driver; €600 for weekly payments to the driver.

3. Replacement Vehicle

We understand that even one day of downtime in the TVDE business can mean a loss of hundreds of euros. Unlike other fleet modalities and suppliers, Drivfit cares about downtime and provides replacement vehicles so you can keep working.


Want to know all the Drivfit TVDE car reservation conditions? Learn more here.

4. TVDE-Ready Vehicles

All Drivfit vehicles fully comply with the so-called "Lei Uber" and the requirements of the operating platforms in Portugal. Additionally, Drivfit provides all the necessary documentation ready for fast platform vehicle validation.

5. Inclusive Services

Drivfit offers a comprehensive vehicle maintenance and repair service, including tire replacement and broken glass repair. Additionally, all vehicles are equipped with a Via Verde device and have specific TVDE insurance. This allows you to save money and worries, freeing up time and energy to focus on your trips.

6. Protection Plans

Drivfit Protections have been developed to provide maximum security and comfort, freeing you from worries and unexpected expenses. With options offering deductibles as low as €50, you are comprehensively and affordably protected.

7. Specialized TVDE Customer Support

Drivfit has a highly specialized team at your disposal, available 7 days a week, to clarify any doubts regarding the vehicle (accidents, breakdowns, damages, etc.), in addition to full support from our team.

Wherever you go, we're with you:

Through our help center, in the support area, or by phone (+351 300 600 278, available Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM). See you soon!