How are my earnings calculated?

Your net earnings at Bluwalk are calculated by considering your total earnings and deductions.

Earnings represent the total net value of your trips.

Deductions include all the costs incurred to perform these trips. These common costs among all clients are:

  • VAT: In Portugal, all trips made through TVDE digital platforms include VAT at the current legal rate of 6%, that is, for each TVDE trip made by the operator, they issue an invoice to the passenger plus the value relating to VAT.
    For a better understanding of how VAT is calculated on your trips, you can consult here.
  • Service Fee: This is the commission deducted from your net earnings for all the services provided to you by Bluwalk, corresponding to:
    • 5% if using a vehicle from a Bluwalk partner.
    • 15% of total earnings if using your own vehicle.

For TVDE partners, the following deductions are also common:

  • Vehicle Usage: Rental value of the vehicle.
  • Fuel and Electricity: Cost of fuels and charges.
  • Tolls: Costs for toll payments.

Below is an example of a statement, showing the final balance for a week, which represents your net earnings. This value results from the deduction of costs from the earnings.

Next, you see the total earnings for the period under analysis, followed by a description of all the corresponding deductions.




The calculation of your earnings results from subtracting the platform commission (25%), VAT (6%), and the Bluwalk service fee from the gross value of your trips. Here is a practical example:

  • Gross trip value: 1000€
  • VAT (6%): 60€
  • Platform fee (25%): 250€

Thus, the resulting net value would be: 1000 - 250 = 750€

From this value, Bluwalk's service fee is deducted, which can be 5% (rented vehicle) or 15% (own vehicle).

  • Bluwalk service fee (5% rented vehicle): 37.5€

Therefore, your earnings would be: 750 - 37.5 - 60 = 652.5€


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