When can I receive my earnings?

Calculation of your income

Every week, BW calculates the income that customers had in the previous week (from Monday to Sunday).

On the 2nd working day of the week, BW releases these earnings, which are visible to the customer on its earnings page.


Invoice/green receipt submission

There are 2 possible payment frequencies:

  • Weekly - If the customer is working in a TVDE partner and has paid a deposit of €600 per vehicle, it is considered that he has a weekly payment frequency,
  • Monthly - In all other cases, the payment frequency is monthly.

If you have a weekly payment frequency, you can submit a green invoice/receipt every week after your earnings are visible.

If you have a monthly payment frequency, the operation is as follows:

  • BW considers a month closed on the last Sunday of the month;
  • When posting income in the week after the month ends, the customer can submit a green invoice/receipt.


The month of September 2022 is considered closed on 25/9, as it is the last Sunday of the month.

On 27/9, the earnings for the month of September were released, and the customer was able to submit a green invoice/receipt referring to them on the same day.



After presenting the invoice/green receipt, BW proceeds with its validation and payment, the amount being processed into your account after 48 business hours.


For information on how your earnings are calculated, you can consult the following article

For information on how to submit a green invoice/receipt, please refer to the following article.